Custom Tattoos

Some Custom Tattoos By Leigh Odom.  Leigh has been tattooing for 24 years (since the age of 16) so His work at times seems endless.   He caters to clients IDEAS crafting them Artwork designed to each specific request.  Each piece is unique to its owner.  “Its never been my job to tell people what (tattoo) to get , rather it is my job to do the very best I can to develop each persons individual Ideas uniquely.”

Please feel free to send Ideas to  Phone 8042475693

Consultation is Always Free!

Whether a simple symbolic gesture or a  large scale work of Art , everything is done Custom to fit you personally .  “We Bring Your Ideas to Life” (MANY more galleries of Custom Tattoos and Artwork can be found  “google” Art Leigh Odom. You may be surprised!!

Specializing in Custom Tattoos Cover Up and Repairs!