Art Classes


Art Period LLC offers “Freedom of Expression” classes for Schools , Daycares , and Summer Programs This class is a “Door Opener” providing a positive outlet to the many modern day stresses everyone encounters and some struggle to deal with .  This class is designed to show and give young ones a Positive Outlet where they can be free to expresses themselves through artwork.

For more information about “Freedom of Expression” and to book classes for the coming summer please email: and call 8042475693

Brief overview

“Freedom of Expression” Classes are taught in a circle with the Instructor at the center.  All supplies needed are provided  except for a smock. (any old button up shirt can be used to work for this.)

Each Student is provided with Everything they need to create 2 paintings.

Simple yet effective techniques are shown to easily achieve pleasing results such as Textures , Patterns , Shapes and Abstractions. ( An amount of color theory is also covered.)  Students are encouraged to paint freely. Techniques ,  tools and inspiration are shown but not enforced as a “rule.” There is not a “right” or “wrong” , everyone is Free to express themselves.

 “The Freedom of Expression” is a positive outlet for children and adults of all ages.

Working in a circle , each child works individually and as a whole.   Each child is given the chance to work “one on one” with the instructor at the center.  At the culmination of  class each student has 2 pieces of artwork created from their own expression. The entire class also creates a larger “group painting” together.

For more information on this and other classes

Please contact and call 8042475693